Outdoor learning inspired by birds

with Anna Gordon - Community Engagement and Education Advisor

Todays session

Audio introduction to birds by Anna Gordon

Brief overview of the contents of this topic

How birds link to the curriculum

Anna demonstrates how birds can link to various aspects of the curriculum

How can we attract more birds to school grounds?

Attracting more birds in

Anna's top tips for attracting more birds

Fun ideas

How can we get involved with birds?

  • Science experiments
  • Observing and recording
  • Embedding in daily routine
  • Linking to national events

Remember Nestbox Week or Big Garden Birdwatch

Play Video

What can we do?

Fun to make!

Gillian Day
“Fat” based designs & “Poke” designs
“Fill it up” feeders & Easy ways
2 -WildNet

Don't forget...


Which bird is which?

Identification tips

House sparrow

Males (pictured) are streaky brown above and grey below, with chestnut-and-white wings, a black bib and a grey cap. Females and juveniles are duller.
© Mark Hamblin / 2020VISION


Males have blue-grey crowns, brown backs and pink breasts. Females are brown, with white shoulder patches and wingbars.
© Bob Coyle


Adults (pictured) are oily-black with a purple- and-green sheen, and tiny, beige spots in winter. Juveniles are dark grey-brown.
© lan Rose


Males (pictured) are black with a yellow bill and yellow ring around the eye. Females and juveniles are dark brown.
© Mark Hamblin / 2020VISION

Blue tit

Greeny-blue above and yellow below, with a blue cap, white cheeks, black eyestripes, and a blue tail and wings.
© Dave Kilbey

Great tit

Green above and yellow below, with a black head, white cheeks, and black stripe down its breast.
© Bob Coyle


Grey above, with a pink breast, white neck patch and white patches on the wings.
© Gillian Day


Brown above, with a white belly and red breast. Juveniles are mottled gold and brown.
© Stewart McDonald

Long-tailed tit

Black, white and pink above, and pale pink below, with a long, black-and-white tail, a white head, and a broad, black stripe above the eye.
© Jon Hawkins


Gingery-brown above and pale below, with black-and-yellow wings, a black crown, white cheeks and a red face.
© Neil Aldridge

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More about birds from the Wildlife Trust:

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