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Talk to the children about how some landscapes look completely natural, but actually were designed as pieces of art.

Landscape designers have the skill to turn streams into lakes, plant whole woods, move villages, create hills where the ground was flat, make a beautiful view where it was boring by planting trees in specific places.

This is a quick-fire guessing game. It requires some knowledge of the site and its history from the teacher.

Read out site features and ask for thoughts on whether they are natural/accidental or man made. Ideally, you would do this activity on a spot with a broad overview of the site. Download the activity sheet to see the full list.

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Land of the Fanns Teacher Briefing

Some sites have a Teacher Briefing available at the top of the page, but the following download is a general Teacher Briefing for The Land of the Fanns. We recommend you download this briefing before visiting any of the sites listed on this resource.

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