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This Saxon glass drinking horn is one of a pair. It is very rare, only 3 have been found in the whole of England and 2 are from here in Rainham! Similar horns have been found in France and Germany. Drinking horns like this would have been used at special feasts and they would have been buried in the grave of an important Saxon person so that they could continue to drink and party in their afterlife.

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This resource focuses on Anglo-Saxon drinking horns and as well as having some "Fantastic Find" info and key facts, there are also  activities aimed at Key Stage 2 and covers History and English.

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FOUND: in 1937, in a Saxon burial ground discovered by workers digging for gravel at Gerpin’s Lane, Rainham

NOW: the British Museum (not on public display). Replica in Havering Museum and more finds from the burial ground are at the Valence House Museum.


MADE: 6th or 7th Century (AD 550-700)

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