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Read the site briefing note so you are familiar with its history and the historic features that you are likely to see.

Split the children into groups, with an adult for each if age-necessary.

Give the children a list of 3-6 historic features that you would like them to find, explaining what they were for and what they might look like. Depending on the site, features could be: a clump of mature ornamental trees, ruins of a building, a pathway, a sloping meadow, an ornamental pond, a wall, a gateway, a flowerbed, a beautiful view.

When the children regather, talk to them about the features that they found, including the way in which they are arranged on the site and what effect this might create. (Some arrangements will be for operational reasons, others will be for artistic effect.)

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Land of the Fanns Teacher Briefing

Some sites have a Teacher Briefing available at the top of the page, but the following download is a general Teacher Briefing for The Land of the Fanns. We recommend you download this briefing before visiting any of the sites listed on this resource.

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