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First provide some background information on the Land of the Fanns and what’s in it. Depending on age and level of working, this could be via the briefing note found on all our sites and resources, or materials at www.landofthefanns.org.
The Land of the Fanns is distinct for being a very ‘busy’ landscape, with lots of different features, especially manmade ones.
Children are tasked with a list of features that they need to choose where to put in the Land of the Fanns.
Talk through the map – depending on the quality of the map that you are using, you might want to discuss how to read a map (contour lines, rivers, trees, etc), and/or encourage the children to draw these onto the map to give some context to their features.
Read through the list, briefly discussing things to consider for each one. You might want to look at some of the sites in the Land of the Fanns to give an idea of what these places might look like.

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Land of the Fanns Teacher Briefing

Some sites have a Teacher Briefing available at the top of the page, but the following download is a general Teacher Briefing for The Land of the Fanns. We recommend you download this briefing before visiting any of the sites listed on this resource.

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