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The Upminster Windmill, which ground grain into flour for the local area for 130 years, was created during a time of great change and invention involving machinery, steam, and water. This historic landmark can tell us the story of how the Industrial Revolution led to new technologies being developed in Upminster.

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This resource focuses on Upminster Windmill and as well as having some building info and key facts, there is also 2 activities: Be a Building Archaeologist and Maths Puzzle. It's aimed at Key Stage 2 and covers History, Geography and Science.

After downloading the PDF resource sheets, please follow this link to Upminster Windmill on our website.

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This wooden smock windmill (so called because it looks just like a farmer’s smock apron) was built by local farmer John Noakes in 1805. This was a time when the demand for grain (and also flour) had increased due to the Napoleonic Wars.

Through time the mill and the area around it changed: the windmill was given new sails and a steam-powered mill was added too. This windmill was used until around 1933. In 1948 a committee was created to look after the windmill and in 1967 the windmill was opened to the public. It is now being restored to working order.

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