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Who you are trying to persuade to move to the Land of the Fanns?  Some ideas are:

  • Families looking for somewhere new to live
  • Holidaymakers
  • Elderly people looking to retire somewhere new
  • Business owners
  • Commuters to London
  • Overseas businesses looking for UK premises
  • Housing developers

Use a variety of different mediums, or perhaps even several, to make a whole campaign:

  • Poster // Leaflet
  • Magazine // Newspaper advert
  • Music jingle // Radio advert
  • Video (eg for TV, YouTube, Internet, TikTok)
  • Social media posts
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Land of the Fanns Teacher Briefing

Some sites have a Teacher Briefing available at the top of the page, but the following download is a general Teacher Briefing for The Land of the Fanns. We recommend you download this briefing before visiting any of the sites listed on this resource.

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