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The Havering hoard is the LARGEST hoard found so far in Greater London. A whopping 453 bronze objects, dating between 900 and 800 BC, were discovered in 2018 and include sword fragments, axe heads, spearheads, daggers, knives and other rare finds. These were found arranged as 4 ‘packages’ beneath the floor of what may have been a Bronze Age roundhouse. Altogether, the hoard weighed 45kg!

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This resource focuses on The Havering Hoard and as well as having some "Fantastic Find" info and key facts, there are also  activities aimed at Key Stage 2 and covers History, Science and Art.

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FOUND: in 2018 by archaeologists carrying out planned archaeological work in Wennington, Havering ahead of a new quarry being created.

NOW: Museum of London, but hopefully to be partially displayed at the Havering Museum in the future,

MATERIAL:  METALS – Bronze and Copper alloys

MADE: Dated to 900 – 800 BC

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