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Carved at a time of great change at the start of the Bronze Age, the Dagenham Idol is a wooden figure, over 4000 years old, with a large round head, and a body with two legs but no arms.

Archaeologists have dated it to 2459–2110 BC, which is when the Beaker People were living in this area.

Mysteriously, the figure’s left eye is deeply scratched. Some archaeologists think that the Dagenham Idol represents a god or goddess and that a skeleton of a deer, found next to it, shows that the animal had been killed as a sacrifice.

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This resource focuses on The Dagenham Idol and as well as having some "Fantastic Find" info and key facts, there are also  activities aimed at Key Stage 2 and covers History, Science, Art and English.

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FOUND: in 1922, by workers laying sewer pipes in marshland on the north bank of the River Thames and to the south of Ripple Road, Dagenham.

NOW: Valence House Museum, on loan from the Colchester Castle Museum.

MATERIAL: Wood - Scots Pine

MADE: Radiocarbon dated to 2459 - 2110 BC (4200 years ago)

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