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The Upminster Tithe Barn holds 14,500 domestic and agricultural artefacts dating from Roman times to the present day
The thatched building the museum is located in dates from the 15th century.

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This resource focuses on Upminster Tithe Barn and as well as having some building info and key facts, there is also  activities and a video (available on this page and linked in the PDF) It's aimed at Key Stage 2 and covers History, Geography and Art.

After downloading the PDF resource sheets, please follow this link to Tithe Barn on our website.

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Key Facts

The Barn dates from 1450 and was part of an estate that supported the Abbey of Waltham. The Abbott’s hunting lodge next door was later converted into a private house and is now home to Upminster Golf Club.

Despite being known as the ‘Tithe Barn’, there is no evidence to suggest it was ever used for the collection of tithes .

The Tithe Barn stands 18 metres wide by 12 metres high and 45 metres long.

It wasn’t until 1976 that the Barn was refurbished and then opened as an agricultural museum.

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